Recent Photos

ASSphalt Acres Red Rover

DOB: 05-06-10

Height: 31 3/4"

Color: Red

Dam: Rearview's Red Lucy (33")

Sire: Lawzyday Farms Cherokee (29 1/2")

We're so excited about having this little jack. He is a pleasure to work with and is so well mannered. He is also a beautiful red and he has an extensive pedigree including reds such as LCR Valentino 50. His sire Cherokee has a pedigree that goes back to original imports. The top picture is him being shown as a 2 year old and the bottom two are what he looks like straight out of the field. Some of his gorgeous foals can be seen on our foals page!

J&M Farm Tommy Tucker


DOB: 04-28-12

Height: 31 1/4"

Color: Gray-Dun *MSF

Dam: Spirit Hill Tippy Toes (31 1/2")

Sire: Big Woods Corona Gold (32 1/4")

Tommy is a beautiful jack that has been born and raised on our farm. We love his unique color pattern that he got form his dam and the beautiful stocky build that comes from his sire. His background on his sire's side includes several reds including S.S. Red Lightening and LN Red Sonfire. The first of his foals have been born in 2015 and can be seen on our foals page! 

J&M Farm Feisty Festus (Gelding)

DOB: 10-16-07

Height: 34 1/2"

Color: Brown & White Spotted

Dam: Baker's Pine Hill Lady Liberty (33")

Sire: Sunset Acres Ace of Spades (29 1/2")

Festus was one of the very first foals we had born here. We sold him at 6 months old but we had the opportunity to buy him back and we couldn't pass up the chance. We bred him to a few of our jennets and have kept a couple of foals from him. He is now a very happy gelding that we enjoying having and showing part of the time!