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In Loving Memory

Tweeter lived on our farm for over 30 years. She was a grandmother to our miniatures and she watched over them like she would her own foals. She was not just a pet to us but a member of our family. She lived a happy life and had to be put to sleep due to her arthritis on January 1, 2011. She will always be loved and remembered by everyone in our family. 


Libby was the first miniature donkey we bought for our farm and she was the first donkey that had a foal on our farm. She produced 3 wonderful foals for us and she was a wonderful donkey. Libby had to be put to sleep on September 19, 2011 due to what the vet believed was a tumor. She could no longer stand up on her own and she was very disoriented. We felt it was best to end her suffering so that she could move on to a place where she was free of pain. She will always be remembered by our family and hold a special place in our hearts as our first miniature.